Founded in March, 2005, Sichuan Glory Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SGETC), which possesses independent legal personality and is considered as general taxpayers, is a private enterprise wholly owned by natural person. SGETC is located in Suining (the second largest transportation hub city in Sichuan Province), with an old plant in No. 48, South Circle Road, Innovation Industrial Park, covering an area of more than 60 Mu (See note 1) and a new plant in No. 307, Mingxing Road, Innovation Industrial Park, covering an area of more than 90 Mu.

    SGETC is mainly engaged in the manufacturing, sales, maintenance and release of down-hole motor, jar, shock absorber, sectional milling device, anti-wear joint, roller centering device, top drive, hydraulic catwalk, power swivel BOP control system and etc. for petroleum drilling. Specialized in fishing, wear prevention of sleeves, pneumatic drilling etc., it is a comprehensive professional company that integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales, maintenance, release,technical service and import-export business.

    SGETC passed, in 2006, the API Spec 7-1 and API Spec 5CT certifications authorized by American Petroleum Institute, an international authoritative organization. It was further certified by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in March 2010, which enhances its techniques and quality to a new level. In August, 2012, it passed ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. SGETC has 4 standard workshops covering an area of about 20000㎡ and several production lines respectively for oil drill pipe, power swivel, hydraulic catwalk, being equipped with advanced equipment and facilities such as  torque machine, motor test bed, hydraulic test bed, tensile properties test bed and etc. SGETC’s own R&D products are power swivel, hydraulic catwalk, and hydraulic top drives and all of them obtained the national patent. So far the company has a strong professional technical strength and R&D capabilities, including 50 senior managers, engineers, technicians and 40 experienced service personals. All the staffs are through the corresponding skill training and assessment. The company actively expands the market in recent years based major oil fields, and extends its products into CNPC and Sinopec. It continuously expands its products and operation as well as enhances its economic strength.

    Persisting to the principle of “people-orientation, quality first, excellent service and sustainable development, SGETC provide high quality services to the northwest and southwest regions, and have won the full recognition and high praise by the customers over the years. Especially, the company has played an important role in enhancing drilling speed and reducing down-hole emergency. Meanwhile, SGETC actively expand the international mark in order to make further development and increase the influence. In 2009,the company established business relationship with companies from the circumjacent country such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan. In 2010, SGETC launched Petroleum Machinery Industrial Park project, strengthening the manufacturing capacity of large petroleum machinery by introducing the manufacturing technology of Intelligentized Hydraulic Rig from a large European petroleum machinery manufacturing enterprise. In 2011, the company signed a cooperation agreement with the European enterprise and become its sole Chinese cooperation partner. Meanwhile, SGETC signed the agreement with the Suining State-Level Economic and Technological Development Zone. Until now, the location decision is completed and the construction is actively preparing.

    SGETC advocates the management culture of “Standard is precondition, humanity is fundamentally; Execute responsibility and flow, internalize role and belief”, implementing the talent-based strategy, launching systematic trainings for all employees on corporate management knowledge and professional skills, striving to develop its core competitiveness, further expanding the market and enhancing its comprehensive strength so as to make itself embrace a sustainable, sound and fast development and to realize the company vision: being a leader in supplying oil drilling equipment and tools.


*Mu (translator’s note 1: a Chinese unit of area. 1 acre is approximately equal to 6.07 Mu, and 1 Mu is approximately equal to 667 m2.)

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